We are ThinkDeep AI, builders of Deepflow.

We aim to solve the biggest problem in Enterprise AI: 87% of projects never make it to production.

Why? 80% of enterprise AI projects resemble alchemy, run by data scientists whose talents do not scale internally. At the same time, too few business leaders own AI initiatives within their organizations. Deepflow makes it easy for business leaders and managers to orchestrate and deliver AI projects.

Deepflow, home of the Flows

A data science projects requires the orchestration of a wide variety of skills. The skills of a data scientist are different from the ones of a data engineer, an app developer, an analyst or a even manager. Meaning, this diverse crowd needs shared language to work effectively together.

Deepflow is built around the concept of Flows. Flows are more than just data workflows. They are a shared visual language to build AIs that are explainable and collaborative by design. Flows are production ready from day 1 and can be deployed in one click to the production environment of your choice. They are high level visual representations of end-to-end data workflows that non-technical domain experts can understand and contribute too.

Example of a Flow in Deepflow

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